CommunitiesOnline launched

After running several consultations using the ConsultOnline model it is very clear that the success off ConsultOnline is due to two things:

1/ residents having access to a substantial amount of information, in a variety of formats – enabling them to feel genuinely informed and engaged

2/ the ability of the website to provide excellent forms for communication – including the feature which allows us to collate contact details of interested residents and contacts them in a proactive manner.

Both these qualities are important not only during the planning stages, but during construction too.

So it is clear to us that the best way of managing community relations during construction – something that PNPR is frequently asked to do – is to use a similar approach.

Even better, there’s no need for a new website, as a consultation website can very easily be transformed into a community relations website – at no additional cost.

Within the next month or so, PNPR will be implementing CommunitiesOnline websites for Scotch Corner Designer Village and on an exciting residential scheme in central London.

Find out more about the typical contents of a CommunitiesOnline website here, or contact us for more information.