Tania Thomas and Henrietta Harwood-Smith (Maison Communications) are the authors of PROMOTING HIGH END PROPERTY: Where less is more – the art of communication at the top end of the market

The Chapter

Drawing on the expertise of boutique PR consultancy Maison Communications, this chapter considers the unique challenges and opportunities in promoting high-end residential property. It demonstrates how integrated communications strategies are designed, implemented and evaluated and illustrates advice given with examples from Maison’s own work.

The Authors

Tania and Henrietta are joint founders of Maison Communications, a London-based boutique agency which specialises in property, lifestyle, interiors and architecture, with a passion for design and wellbeing. Maison provides corporate and consumer campaigns for start-ups through to global brands and listed PLCs. Clients have included Great Portland Estates, The Buying Solution (the buying arm of Knight Frank), The Modern House, Ekkist and Banda Property. Tania was previously head of the property division at Luchford and prior to that Head of Residential PR at Knight Frank. Henrietta worked at Luchford before heading up Hamptons International’s PR.

An interview with Tania Thomas

What is you background and your experience of high end residential property?

With so much collective senior experience working in real estate PR with leading developers, estate agents, buying agents designers, architects, major landlords and more, both from an in house and agency experience, the Maison Communications team have the experience and necessary learnings to contribute in an informed way, but it’s important to point out we continue to learn every day!

Why did you choose this career?

Communicating property brings together so many passions and interests – I loved English and writing at school, and have always been a natural communicator, then did a business degree and my first PR role was in pharmaceuticals and then telecoms, but my real passion always was in property. I’m a great believer in the importance of loving what you do, and feeling passionate about the brands you represent – it really shines through in the way you communicate brands and personalities, and means you will go the extra mile for them. I loved architecture, property and interior design right from being a young girl – this combined with having a business head and interest in the economics of the housing market and changing climate and natural flare for PR, meant that promoting property was the perfect career.

What motivates you?

Doing a great job to promote and raise awareness of brilliant clients and the work they are doing. Take for example the current climate of coronavirus. Success in the property industry will always be underpinned by the strength of relationships. How businesses communicate during this lockdown period with their clients, their employees and their suppliers will form the springboard for how they are perceived when restrictions are lifted.

It is important to use this time wisely and strategically to take advantage of the recovery period, whenever that comes. Those who position themselves innovatively and ethically will undoubtedly be the ones that shine. Communication is more important than ever. When it comes to positive perception in the media and across social channels specifically it’s less about ‘business as usual’ and brand communication in the traditional sense and more about thought. The press want to hear about the positive, thoughtful actions businesses are taking to overcome the crisis and they also want solid advice on how the property industry can recover.

What led to you to getting involved in Promoting Property?

It’s such a wonderful opportunity to communicate the importance of our role as property PRs and the nuances of the industry; there is no other quite like it.

What benefit do you feel the book will bring?

We feel the book will offer a great guide to those considering a career in PR, and more specifically property PR, but also to update those already working in the industry how things are changing and evolving.

What are the key learning points that are communicated in your chapter?

Maison Communications’ chapter focuses on how in luxury property ‘less is more’. There is a value in keeping brands ‘out of certain media’ and working on very targeted and impactful campaigns to reach the desired end target audiences.

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