The PNPR Approach

A strategic approach

Everything that you invest in PNPR will directly benefit your company because PNPR’s communications campaigns are built on and measured by your requirements.

Communications campaigns are derived from:

  • Your business objectives – ensuring that all PR benefits your overall strategy
  • Your USP – promoting what you do best
  • Your target audience – communicating with the people who matter most to your business
  • Your online presence – analysing how you are positioned and recommending improvements
  • Your industry – capitalising on and adapting to changes that will affect you
  • Your position in the market – helping you climb the industry league tables
  • Your bottom line – ensuring that PR is instrumental in growing your business

PNPR is a thinking agency. Strategy, research and creative thinking informs even the smallest of communications campaigns, ensuring that campaigns deliver precisely on clients’ objectives.

PNPR has its roots in traditional PR but is pioneering in its use of new media. Whether a website, app or social media site, emerging methods of communication are often the most time and cost-efficient means of making direct contact. And in my experience, people are keen to communicate in a way that is interactive, sociable and fun.

A creative, coordinated approach

PNPR’s strategy for your business will be designed specifically for you, drawing on meetings, research and an analysis of your public profile to create a unique set of tactics to meet your requirements.

All work is carried out according to a strategy which has been discussed with and approved by you. Any changes to the programme are also agreed by you.

A cost efficient and communicative approach

Due to our low overheads, pricing is inexpensive for the quality of work provided. We can account for every minute of our fee, and don’t charge for administration.

Services are flexible to take into account clients’ needs and budgets – for example you may wish to simply to invest in a strategy for your company’s own implementation; or you may wish to retain PNPR on an ongoing contract to deal with all of your communications requirements. Either option, or a combination of the two can be agreed, and adapted as required.

Client satisfaction is my top priority: campaigns are based firmly on clients’ objectives and we monitor feedback to ensure success. Reporting and administrative systems are flexible to suit your requirements and we account for all time spent through regular reporting.