Communicating Construction: insight, experience and best practice

Communicating Construction:  insight, experience and best practice was published by Routledge in March 2021.  The book is a collection of essays on PR in construction, each covering a specific aspect of the construction sector and is the companion to Promoting Property: insight, experience and best practice.

It begins with an introduction to the construction industry and its specific communications challenges, including initiatives to tackle the image of construction. Subsequent chapters provide perspectives and lessons from contributors in architecture and planning, building consultancy, ConTech, engineering, major contractors and specialist subcontractors, and the promotion of building materials and sustainability in the built environment.

The book concludes with insight into future change, both for the construction industry and the communication function within it.

This book is essential reading for all construction PR teams, students studying both for built environment and PR/marketing degrees and CPD courses and for anyone working in the built environment sector who needs to consider PR and marketing as part of their role.

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Reviews to date

The ultimate book on construction PR, a wide perspective and some fantastic insight

“This is the ultimate book on construction PR.  It combines a broad strategic approach along with some excellent examples of best practice.  The diversity of the chapter authors and their background demonstrates the incredible extent and breadth of the sector and such a broad approach will undoubtedly help to equip both those entering the industry and those already working within it with a wide perspective, as well as some fantastic insight.”

Emma Leech
CIPR President 2019

An excellent starting point to learn, reflect and improve

“Each chapter demonstrates how varied each area is within this huge industry, and how much scope there is to demonstrate the power of good PR as a strategic management discipline.

“Readers of this book have an opportunity in their own working lives to learn, reflect and improve, and to ensure that public confidence in construction can be restored. This book provides an excellent starting point to learn how best to approach that work.”

Alistair McCapra
Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations


In addition to an Introduction (Chapter 1) and Conclusion (Chapter 11), Further Reading and Glossary, the book comprises the following chapters: