Promoting Property: insight, experience and best practice

Promoting Property:  insight, experience and best practice is now published by Routledge and is widely available.  The book is a collection of essays on PR, each covering a specific aspect of the property sector and is the companion to Communicating Construction: insight, experience and best practice.

Find out more about each of the chapters and their authors:

Large scale mixed-use schemes by Emma Drake
Commercial and retail by Dan Innes
Homebuilding by Clare Jones
Housing associations by Susan Fox
Local authorities as developers by Fiona Lund
Student housing by Henry Columbine
High end residential by Tania Thomas
Interior design by Tricia Topping
Estate agency by Jamie Jago
PropTech B2C by Ed Mead
PropTech B2B by Louise Parr
Property consultancy by Penny Norton

Reviews to date

A ‘bible’ of property PR
“Property is a fast-paced sector with multiple and complex communications needs.  As such it is dependent upon good PR, and also offers wide-ranging opportunities to CIPR members. A ‘bible’ of property PR is long-overdue and it’s great to see so much expertise featured in this book. Providing such a comprehensive overview of the sector, together with a strong emphasis on theory, strategy and techniques, is a considerable achievement and will be of great value to PR practitioners.”
Emma Leech
CIPR President 2019

So much of what is written here needs to be listened to and acted upon
“Having spent the last 17 years thinking about how to better manage the reputation of the property industry this collection of essays has provided some real nuggets of insight and analysis on how to tackle what might appear to some to be an almost impossible task. As I read the introductory chapter, I realised that so much of what is written here needs to be listened to and acted upon.  Simply acknowledging that around 28% of a company’s value is likely to be accounted for by its reputation is a great reminder as to why the property industry should think deeply about how it comes across to its stakeholders and why, of course, it should be seeking expert help from communications experts to improve the perception that others have of it.”
Liz Peace
Previously CEO of the British Property Federation, now an independent Director, Chair and adviser to the industry

A much-needed book
“Working on large-scale developments is incredibly complex and carries huge responsibility, so investing in strategic communications is vital to tell a positive story about the creation of a new place, manage multiple stakeholders with sensitivity and often deal with unpredictable events. As we grasp with climate change, technological disruption and changing demographics, I hope this much-needed book attracts more PR experts to the exciting, vital practice of property communications.”
Shaun Harley
Director of Communications, Homes England

Fascinating and thorough
“A fascinating and thorough insight into the world of property promotion through the eyes of those who know it best. A must have guide.”
Laura Stevens
Interim Head of Marketing, Lambert Smith Hampton

Valuable insight
“This book provides valuable insight into the various challenges currently facing the built environment industry and how the public relations industry is seeking to address them. Property and construction, in particular, have some significant issues to confront, both in terms of perception and reality, and Promoting Property doesn’t shy away from confronting them.”
Adam Branson
Property journalist

A solid grounding in key issues and challenges in property public relations

“This book serves as an excellent primer to those planning a career in public relations, showing the extraordinary scope that exists within roles in the property sector.  If you are unsure where you want to build your career, there is much to consider in property public relations, and this book will give you a solid grounding in today’s key issues and challenges.

“Equally, for those working in other parts of the property sector, this book is a handy reference for how public relations professionals can help you succeed.”

Alistair McCapra
Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations


In addition to an Introduction (Chapter 1) and Conclusion (Chapter 14), Further Reading and Glossary, the book comprises the following chapters: