The property life cycle and the strategic approach

Last Tuesday I spoke at a Women in Property webinar on the subject of property PR.

For an audience of property experts, I thought it would be interesting to look at the property lifecyle, which was familiar (in varied forms) to them all, from a communications perspective.

There is possibly no better way to demonstrate the benefit of strategic approach to property communications than by comparing the approaches taken at each stage of the property lifecycle.

Firstly, consider the audience.  The first rule of PR is ‘know your audience’, but within the property lifecycle, audiences vary massively:

Another important consideration of any PR strategy is messages. Again these will vary considerably at each stage:

The next stage is to consider tactics, or dialogue methods – again they vary hugely and the following is just a sample:

This is just a snapshot of some elements of the property industry and some aspects of the strategic approach.

It demonstrates that the industry is incredibly diverse – property PR is not a specific discipline but the combination of many different disciplines, each requiring a very different approach. It was this that led us to publish Promoting Property:  insight, experience and best practice– a ‘bible’ of property PR which includes detailed descriptions of a range of aspects of property PR, all by experts in their fields.